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After 2 decades of training some of the best tennis players in the world we have decided to help all of you crazy pickleball players 🤪. Due to countless requests and demands from tennis players who also play pickleball, we now have created a pickleball workouts program for you!


Nathan & Giselle



Nathan and Giselle Martin, plus their Tennis Fitness team have been at the forefront of worldwide, tennis fitness training for the past 20 years.
Between them they have trained 5 no1 players in the world and many top 100 WTA/ATP players.

Team Tennis Fitness have now discovered the growing popularity of pickleball and the increasing number of injuries among players. The team wanted to help pickleball players improve their performance and prevent common injuries, so they have designed a specific workout program tailored to the needs of pickleball players aged between 35-75 years old.

The comprehensive nature of the workouts, covering warm-up and cool-down routines, balance, coordination, reaction, footwork, core strength, and injury prevention exercises, reflects the holistic approach the team take toward pickleball fitness and performance enhancement.

Our team look forward to spending more time educating and inspiring pickleball players for years to come.

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